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Home Tests For Pregnancy

Home Tests For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. After the conception each woman wants to be certain of its pregnancy. Women usually avoid seeing a doctor if they are not certain. That is why home pregnancy tests were developed.

First Response Early Result is believed to be most reliable pregnancy test because it delivers the earliest possible results. This test should be used starting with the first day of missed period because it detects an hCG, an early pregnancy hormone. This fact makes First Response the most likely pregnancy test on the market. More than that, recent studies say that First Response is able to detect low hCG levels, soon after implantation and even before a missed period. First Response is available in one, two and three strip kits. Specialists agree with most of the women that two strip kits are the best because most of the women want to test twice.

Later reviews come and disagree with the first opinion that says First Response Early Result is the best testing method. These reviews say that these test may be false positive because of the hCG levels might be from another birth giving or the cause of certain fertility drugs. That is why some specialists recommend less sensitive pregnancy test. Fact Plus Pro detects 100 mIU of hCG. It is available in one and two strip kits.

Home Tests For Pregnancy

Another method that helps women realize if they are pregnant or not is the digital pregnancy test. It is supposed that this test will eliminate the guesswork when trying to read the lines from a regular pregnancy test. Clearblue Easy Digital pregnancy test displays the result whether it is pregnant or not. This method detects from 50 mIU of hCG and it is found somewhere between First Response Early Result and Fact Plus Pro.

As a conclusion we might say that a pregnancy test resumes to two criteria which are sensitivity and interpretation. For evaluation, studies were made and it was discovered that most of the pregnancy tests gave false positive results that were related to other factors independent of pregnancy. Even so women use these tests that do not always fail to give the right answer. Making a top of the most used and appreciated pregnancy tests we got to the following conclusion: first more effective pregnancy test is Fact Plus that detects a higher amount of hCG, about 10 mIU, that makes it a good test. Second it comes Clearblue Easy Earliest Result because is not as sensitive as First Response.

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