How to have a Baby Pregnancy

Home Tests For Pregnancy

Home Tests For Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. After the conception each woman wants to be certain of its pregnancy. Women usually avoid seeing a doctor if they are not certain. That is why home pregnancy tests were developed. First Response Early Result is believed to be most reliable pregnancy test because it delivers the earliest possible results. This test should be used starting with the first day of missed period because it detects an hCG, an early pregnancy hormone. This fact…

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Ovulation Pregnancy

Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly

Trying to Get Pregnant Quickly – 10 Best Tips For Getting Pregnant 1. Stress will affect your body by interfering with your ovulation and could reduce sperm production in men. Lower stress levels will mean better male and female fertility. Stressing out will not help you get pregnant. Relax and enjoy and let nature take its course. Weight and exercise 2. Being underweight or overweight can affect your health and have an adverse effect on your pregnancy. Having a healthy body weight will greatly increase your fertility chances. You need…

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